Chu (Ivy) Dang
Prof. Chu (Ivy) DANG
Assistant Professor

3917 1614

KK 709

Academic & Professional Qualification
  • Ph.D. M.S., Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • B.S., Beijing Jiaotong University

Chu (Ivy) Dang’s research focuses on the economics of information in the domain of quantitative marketing. She studies how consumers search for information, how information influences their choices and the information provision strategies of firms. Her interests also extend to digital and social media marketing.

Ivy joined The University of Hong Kong in 2020, after receiving her Ph.D. in marketing from CUHK Business School. She also holds a M.S. in economics from Chinese University of Hong Kong and a B.S. in applied physics from Beijing Jiaotong University. In her spare time, Ivy enjoys running, hiking and online surfing.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Marketing
Research Interest
  • Quantitative Marketing
  • Empirical Industrial Organization
  • Economics of Information
  • Consumer Search
  • Matching Platforms
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
Selected Publications
  • Shen, Hongchuan, Chu (Ivy) Dang, and Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang (2024), “Mr. Right or Mr. Best: The Role of Information Under Preference Mismatch in Online Dating,” Information Systems Research, forthcoming. 
  • Hu, Mantian, Chu (Ivy) Dang, and Pradeep K. Chintagunta (2019), “Search and Learning at a Daily Deals Website,” Marketing Science, 38 (4), 609-642.
  • Dang, Chu (Ivy) (2017), “Network-Based Targeting: Big Data Application in Mobile Industry,” Big Data Applications in the Telecommunications Industry, IGI Global, 78-107. (Book Chapter)

Working papers:

  • “Search Revisits” (with Raluca Ursu and Pradeep Chintagunta)
  • “Privacy Preferences in Microloan Applications” (with Tesary Lin, Mandy Hu, and Pradeep Chintagunta)
  • “Mr. Right or Mr. Best: Search and Matching in Online Dating” (with Hongchuan Shen and Michael X. Zhang)
  • “Picture or Text Superiority? The Impact of Element Size on Communication Effectiveness” (with Canice Kwan and Yang Shi)
Major Grants
  • Principal Investigator, Early Career Scheme #27504221 (HK$674,658), Research Grant Council of Hong Kong
  • Principal Investigator, Seed Fund for Research (HK$300,000), University of Hong Kong
Recent Publications
From Quantum Physics to Quantitative Marketing – Dr. Chu (Ivy) Dang

As a science person, I am impressed by our students' strong business acumen. But as a teacher, other than teaching them how to use quantitative tools to make scientific claims, I also hope that I can encourage them to continue to stay inquisitive about the world and apply their classroom knowledge for the betterment of the society.

From Quantum Physics to Quantitative Marketing – Dr. Chu (Ivy) Dang

Starting off as a science major in Applied Physics and spending two years studying Quantum Physics at PhD level, Dr. Dang had eventually realised that her true interest lies in quantitative marketing. Dedicated to apply the quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills from natural science to business studies, Dr. Dang has officially joined us on February 2020 as an Assistant Professor in Marketing.

A brave new world for marketing

As coronavirus rages across the globe, online business is still booming, with data and analytics driving this trend. People now marooned at home for the foreseeable future are finding the daily goods they need from online stores, solace in conferencing apps, and entertainment provided by streaming platforms. The world is revolving increasingly online with lockdowns in place, and data is being even further highlighted as an undisputable source of wealth.