Recruit our Talents

We are committed to producing highly-employable graduates who are well prepared for the real world of work. Our students, from Undergraduates to Postgraduates, are motivated, skilled and eager to get started, and many are equipped with business knowledge, practical internship experience and transferable skills. Most of our MBA students are seasoned professionals with great leadership potentials and management skills. We hope to work with you to understand your company needs and help to find the best suited students and graduates to your organisation.

We also welcome employers to use our job posting service, which will be accessed by MBA, Masters and Undergraduate students, to look for right candidates for your job vacancies.

Please contact the individual team for further discussion:

MBA Programmes
Mr. Ernest Cheung
Assistant Director (Career Development and Training)
Tel.: 3962 1223

Undergraduate Programme
Mr. Jim Lam
Manager (Career Development and Training)
Tel.: 3917 0089

Masters Programmes
Dr. Elaine Tang
Senior Manager (Career Development and Training)
Tel.: 3962 1299

Our Career Services

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