Being the most international faculty in HKU, HKU Business School has well-established, strategic partnership with world renowned universities and corporate partners over the years, providing market-oriented content, superior learning experience and instrumental resources for our students.

Collaborative Programmes

International Exchange Partners

HKU Business School has an extensive network with more than over 300 exchange partners in more than 40 countries/regions, in the form of student exchanges and internships. Every year, more than 400 students are sent for overseas exchange, while hundreds of international students come to the School for study, thus creating a dynamic, multicultural learning environment in the campus. 

The School also links to many partner institutions in China. Through different cultural exchanges and experiential learning programmes, students are able to understand the business environment in China.

Exchange Partners
Exchange Students

Corporate Collaboration

The School strives to strengthen our presence in and connection with the business community, exploring collaboration opportunities in both public and private sectors. During the past year, the School formed new partnership with CCB, China Life Insurance (Overseas), China Resources, KPMG and New World Development etc. We will continue to actively engaging and expanding our network with new corporate partners in Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world, bringing pioneering developments in strategic frontiers.

Corporate Collaboration