Research Centres & Institutes


The School’s research mission is to advance the frontiers of business and economics knowledge by fostering innovative and interdisciplinary research that addresses significant regional and global issues. The School has seven research centres that draw expertise from different fields for interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange activities.

Asia Case Research Centre

Established in 1997, Asia Case Research Centre (ACRC) addresses a growing demand for research and instructive materials relating to Asian business, and now boasts a repository of context-rich cases drawn from a vast range of industries and disciplinary areas. The Centre is committed to the advancement of learning and teaching in business education and strives to promote leading management thinking through research on the latest practices in the Asian business environment.

Centre for Financial Innovation and Development

The mission of the Centre for Financial Innovation and Development (CFID) is to enhance Hong Kong’s competitive edge as a regional financial centre in an age of global capital flow, to generate top quality business research in financial innovations and risk management, to conduct training programmes and to offer consultation to banks, securities firms, and companies dealing with fund management, financial derivatives trading and risk management.

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is committed to connect research and practice, and create a vibrant and diverse community of entrepreneurs and innovators to drive positive changes in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area. With our teams and resources inside and outside Hong Kong, we aim at bridging the ecosystems in China and Overseas.

Centre for Quantitative History

The Centre for Quantitative History (CQH) is a focal institution for coordinating and conducting big data-based historical inquiries with quantitative methods to construct a holistic picture of China’s past development, sponsored by the HKU Business School.

The focus of the Centre is on the study of the quantitative history of China. It is an area of excellence designated and funded by the Research Grants Council, a non-statutory advisory council functioning under the aegis of the University Grants Committee.

Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy

The Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Business Strategy (HIEBS) focuses on the study of economic policy and business strategy. The mission of HIEBS is to become the leading international center for the study of economic policy and business strategy on Hong Kong and its role in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Institute of Behavioural and Decision Science

The Institute of Behavioural and Decision Science (IBDS) nurtures interdisciplinary research using the behavioural approach that offers novel insights and solutions to address business challenges, fosters an intellectual community of behavioural researchers across disciplines, supports and organizes theme-based research projects, and engages in knowledge sharing among academics and practitioners.

Institute of China Economy

The vision of the Institute of China Economy (ICE) is to foster research on the Chinese economy, by bringing together great minds and insights around the world to address critical challenges facing China and the world. The ICE scholars provide world-leading research on the Chinese Economy. They are also experienced in serving the community by offering evidence-based policy and business insights to improve the scientific decisions of policymakers and business leaders.

Institute of Digital Economy and Innovation

Established in 2022, Institute of Digital Economy and Innovation (IDEI) aims to promote world-class interdisciplinary research and impactful community engagements on digital economy and innovation.