Alumni Startup Star

With Hong Kong being one of Asia’s most dynamic startup destinations, some of our alumni have already initiated their own ventures and established their own startups, building on the knowledge and experience they gained during their time at HKU Business School. They are our #startupstars.

HKU Business School Alumni Startup Star is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship energy, innovation and connection. By sharing real life stories of entrepreneurial alumni in all stages of their startup journeys, we hope to foster a startup community connecting alumni, students and faculty members to inspire and support each other, work together to turn innovative ideas into reality and create a positive impact towards society.

Contact us if you are pursuing an entrepreneurial career path or launching your own business, be our #startupstars!

Hinnes Lung | Kevin Wong

BBA(IS) 2017 | BBA(IS) 2018

Co-Founders, Datax
Having discovered the arduous and time consuming data labelling process a bottleneck for most of AI projects, Hinnes Lung and Kevin Wong set up Datax, a crowd-sourced data collection & labeling platform, which can delivers high-accuracy datasets ready for AI/ML applications for corporate clients and researchers.
Alumni Startup Star

Raymond Mak

MBA 2017

Co-Founder & CEO, Farmacy HK

Raymond and his MBA classmates successfully transformed their business lab project into a revolution of urban farming: the startup Farmacy HK provides “farm to table” produce with innovative technologies and in an environmental friendly way.

Alumni Startup Star

Ming Chan

BEcon 2007

Co-Founder & Executive Director, FinMonster

Having seen the inefficiency and lack of transparency in traditional financing, Ming Chan has created a “monster” fighting for good, helping startups and SMEs get the funding they need, and building a new vision of banking that goes beyond being safe and boring.

Alumni Startup Star

Syed Musheer Ahmed

MBA 2015

Founder & Managing Director, FinStep Asia

Musheer founded FinStep Asia to support the rapid growth and expansion of FinTech industry in his home country, and strived to forge a FinTech ecosystem bridging India and China.

Alumni Startup Star

Harris Cheng

BEcon&Fin 2017

Co-Founder & CEO, Freehunter

After tasting the bitter pain himself as a freelance photographer, Harris Cheng founded Freehunter, where freelencers and small business owners can gain market exposure, secure job opportunities, and explore collborations.

Harris Cheng

Jonathan Ching | Kyle Leung

BBA(IS) 2018 | BBA 2019

Co-Founders, Gööp

Jonathan and Kyle set up a closed social networking platform, Gööp, for more than 80,000 university students to have a safe and comfortable chat environment to connect with each other, and share information.

Alumni Startup Star

Terence Hon

BBA 2019

Co-Founder, GreenPrice

Terence started his social enterprise GreenPrice when he was studying. GreenPrice specialises in retailing surplus and short-dated stock, aiming to reduce waste and promote sustainable lifestyle. It is not only the first short-dated goods retailer in Asia, but also a social movement for both people and the environment.


Alumni Startup Star

Irene Wong

MFin 2006

Founder & CEO , ixFintech

After accumulating over 20 years of experience in the finance industry, Irene established ixFintech in 2015, launched an award winning ixOption App in 2018 and ixCrypto Index in 2019, to bridge the traditional finance and digital finance, and to promote financial literacy to individual and institutional investors.

Alumni Startup Star

Samson Ho

BBA(IS) 2017

Co-Founder & CEO, Jarvix

Samson founded Jarvix in 2016 and has successfully launched multiple digital and financial technology products, including, Jarvix Pay and Jarvix Credit. They support local SMEs, especially beauty salons, fitness and educational centres to manage and grow their business.

Alumni Startup Star

Ryan Cheung

BBA(Acc&Fin) 2011

Co-Founder & CEO, PressLogic

Taking a leap from banking industry, Ryan teamed up with his old classmates and founded PressLogic, a social media content and data analytics startup, which includes a broad portfolio of market-leading digital media brands with 11 million followers worldwide.

Alumni Startup Star

Jimmy Lai

BBA(IBGM) 2014

Co-Founder, OnGrad

Leaving a traditional yet stable career path, Jimmy Lai and his team founded OnGrad, which connects graduates and employers to take the pain both out of job hunting for students, and acquiring new talent for companies.

Alumni Startup Star

Kathy Tsui

BEcon&Fin 2009

Co-Founder, Yoho

Kathy founded YOHO, the first O2O e-commerce company to transform electronic goods market in Hong Kong. She also brings girl power to reshape the male-dominated startup world.

Alumni Startup Star