Michael B. WONG
Prof. Michael B. WONG
Management and Strategy
Assistant Professor

3910 3086

KK 921

Academic & Professional Qualification
  • PhD in Economics, MIT
  • A.B. in Physics, Harvard

Dr. Michael B. WONG grew up in Hong Kong and joined the University of Hong Kong in 2022. He received a PhD in Economics from MIT and an A.B. in Physics from Harvard University.

Michael’s research interests include labor, organizational, housing, and monetary economics. His current focus is on the economics of barter and digital money, the global rise of labor service outsourcing, and the housing crisis in Hong Kong.

  • Global Management in Economics Perspective
  • Economics of Organization and Strategy
Research Interest
  • Labor economics
  • Personnel economics
  • Organizational economics
  • Monetary economics
  • Housing economics
Recent Publications
A Quick Reform that Eliminates Subdivided Homes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been struggling with a surge in subdivided homes, leading to cramped and inhumane living conditions for its residents. While the government has proposed solutions like the Light Public Housing program, their implementation will be both time-consuming and expensive, resulting in long waiting times for public housing.

A Quick Reform that Eliminates Subdivided Homes in Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s Housing Challenges