Dr. Xi LI
BSc in Marketing Analytics and Technology Programme Director
Associate Director, Institute of Digital Economy and Innovation
Associate Professor

3917 7271

KK 836

Academic & Professional Qualification
  • Ph.D., University of Toronto
  • M.Phil., HKUST
  • B.E., Tsinghua University

Xi Li is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Hong Kong. He uses economics and machine learning methods to understand how information technologies such as artificial intelligence, recommender systems, data-driven algorithms, blockchain, and algorithmic pricing affect firms, consumers and the society, and how policymakers should regulate big data and protect consumer privacy.

Research Interest

Algorithms, big data and online marketplaces

Selected Publications
  • Advance Selling in Marketing Channels, (with Krista J. Li), Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming.
  • Superior Knowledge, Price Discrimination, and Customer Inspection, (with Zibin Xu), Marketing Science, forthcoming.
  • Strategic Inventories Under Supply Chain Competition, (with Yanzhi Li and Ying-Ju Chen), Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 24(1), 77-90, 2022.
  • Contract Unobservability and Downstream Competition, (with Qian Liu), Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 23(6), 1468-1482, 2021.
  • Less is More? The Strategic Role of Retailer’s Capacity, (with Yinliang Tan, Yan Xiong, Haibing Gao and Huazhong Zhao), Production and Operations Management, 30(10), 3354-3368, 2021.
  • Audio Mining: The Role of Vocal Tone in Persuasion, (with Xin Wang, Shijie Lu, Mansur Khamitov, and Neil Bendle), Journal of Consumer Research, 48(2), 189-211, 2021.
  • Reviewing Experts’ Restraint from Extremes and Its Impact on Service Providers, (with Peter Nguyen, Xin Wang and June Cotte), Journal of Consumer Research, 47(5), 654-674, 2021.
  • Transparency of Behavior-Based Pricing, (with Krista J. Li and Xin Wang), Journal of Marketing Research, 57(1), 78-99, 2020.
  • Video Mining: Measuring Visual Information Using Automatic Methods, (with Mengze Shi and Xin Wang), International Journal of Research in Marketing, 36(2), 216-231, 2019.
  • Managing Consumer Deliberations in a Decentralized Distribution Channel, (with Yanzhi Li and Mengze Shi), Marketing Science, 38(1), 170-190, 2019.
  • Product and Pricing Decisions in Crowdfunding, (with Ming Hu and Mengze Shi), Marketing Science, 34(3), 331-345, 2015.
Awards and Honours
  • 2021 MSI Young Scholar
Recent Publications
Combining Computational Intelligence into marketing – Dr. Xi LI

The reputation of HKU and the faculty’s strong connection with the Asian-Pacific business community can definitely help marketing scholars to conduct research more effectively, which in turn enables scholars to deliver update knowledge to students, and nurture high quality talents for the society.

Combining Computational Intelligence into Marketing – Dr. Xi LI

Born with a strong sense of curiosity, Dr. Xi Li is deeply interested in marketing strategies and economic phenomena. Impressed by the high quality of research and the rapid growth of HKU Business School, Dr. Li had officially joined us in July 2021 as an Associate Professor in Marketing.