Jayson Shi JIA
Prof. Jayson Shi JIA
Associate Professor

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HKU Business School-Led Research Team Uses Mobile Phone Data to Understand How Family Social Networks Respond to Disasters

An international research team led by Dr. Jayson Jia, Associate Professor of Marketing at HKU Business School, investigated how family social networks respond to the shock of a sudden natural disaster. This research has just been published in Nature Communications, a leading science journal.

港大經管學院:家庭成員間擁有共同好友愈多 災害發生後通訊有更多互動表現




A brave new world for marketing

As coronavirus rages across the globe, online business is still booming, with data and analytics driving this trend. People now marooned at home for the foreseeable future are finding the daily goods they need from online stores, solace in conferencing apps, and entertainment provided by streaming platforms. The world is revolving increasingly online with lockdowns in place, and data is being even further highlighted as an undisputable source of wealth.

Population flow drives spatio-temporal distribution of COVID-19 in China

The research study co-authored by Dr. Jayson Jia, Associate Professor in Marketing, HKU, Xin Lu, College of Systems Engineering, National University of Defense Technology, Yun Yuan, School of Economics and Management, Southwest Jiaotong University, Ge Xu, School of Management, Hunan University of Technology and Business, Jianmin Jia, Shenzhen Finance Institute, School of Management and Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Nicholas A. Christakis, Yale Institute for Network Science, Yale University is covered by a number of international media.