Tianyi LI
Prof. Tianyi LI
Assistant Professor

3910 3088

KK 722

Academic & Professional Qualification
  • PhD in Psychology, University of Chicago
  • PhD in Marketing, University of Illinois Chicago

Tianyi Li received her first PhD in Psychology from the University of Chicago. She then pursued a second PhD in Marketing at the University of Illinois Chicago due to family circumstances that required her to stay in Chicago and an interest in consumer behaviour. Tianyi’s research interests include health decision-making, group-based and individual-based impression formation, and consumer well-being.

Tianyi’s research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, Cerebral Cortex, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, Psychological Science, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, etc.

Research Interest
  • Health Decision-Making
  • Impression Formation
  • Consumer Well-being
Selected Publications
  • Li, T., & Gal, D. (2022). Consumers Prefer Natural Medicines More When Treating Psychological Than Physical Conditions. Journal of Consumer Psychology, forthcoming.
  • Li, T., Parker, J., & Clarkson, J. (2022). Degree of Group Consensus Shapes Perceived Power Structures and Decision-Process Evaluations of Groups. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, forthcoming.
  • Li, T. (2022). The impact of advertising exposure on the gendered perceptions of men with mental health concerns. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 39(6), 610-620. (First Journal Attempted)
  • Li, T., & Gal, D. (2021). The Marlboro men don’t cry: Understanding the gendered perceptions of people seeking mental health care. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 28(2), 423–437.
  • Handley, G., Kubota, J. T., Li, T., & Cloutier, J. (2021). Impact of interracial contact on inferring mental states from facial expressions. Royal Society Open Science, 8(7), 202137.
  • Mattan, B. D., Kubota, J. T., Li, T., Venezia, S. A., & Cloutier, J. (2019). Implicit evaluative biases toward targets varying in race and socioeconomic status. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 45(10), 1512-1527.
  • Handley, G., Kubota, J. T., Li, T., & Cloutier, J. (2019). Black “Reading the Mind in the Eyes” task: The development of a task assessing mentalizing from black faces. PLOS One, 14(9), e0221867.
  • Mattan, B. D., Kubota, J. T., Li, T., Dang, T. P., & Cloutier, J. (2018). Motivation modulates brain networks in response to faces varying in race and status: A multivariate approach. ENeuro, 5(4).
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