Steven Pai Xu
Prof. Steven Pai XU
Associate Professor

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Academic & Professional Qualification
  • Ph.D., University of British Columbia
  • M.A., University of New Brunswick
  • B.Econ., Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

Dr. Steven Pai XU received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of British Columbia in 2008.  He also holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, and an M.A. in Economics from the University of New Brunswick. He joined the Faculty of Business and Economics (now HKU Business School) in 2008 and became Associate Professor in 2015.

Steven’s research areas are econometrics, microeconomics, and data work.  He has consolidated research across areas and facilitated cross-field communication.  Broad interests allow him to take on diverse teaching assignments.

Steven’s primary research field is empirical industrial organization with a focus on structural analyses of auction data and other data sets in large market places. Currently, his published works examine two aspects of auction models: endogenous entry and information aggregation.  He has also covered directed-search in labor market, pricing strategies in digital markets, competition in emerging NGO markets, information transmission and efficiency of foreclosure sales.  His attention is always on strengthening the connection between theoretical models and data.

Research Interest
  • Empirical Industrial Organization
  • Econometrics
  • Applied Microeconomics
Selected Publications
  • “Nonparametric Estimation of Entry Cost in First-Price Procurement Auctions,”
    Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 28, Issue 6, (2013), pp. 1046-1065.
  • “What Model for Entry in First-Price Auctions? A Nonparametric Approach,”
    (with Vadim Marmer and Art Shneyerov), Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 176 (2013), pp. 46-58.
  • “On the Asymptotic Distribution of the Transaction Price in a Clock Model of a Multi-Unit, Oral, Ascending-Price Auction within the Common-Value Paradigm,”
    (with Han Hong and Harry Paarsch), The Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 44, Issue 4, (2013), pp. 664-685.
Working Papers
  • “Threshold Quantile Regression with an Application to Pricing for Reputation,”
    (with Liangjun Su), Revise and Resubmit at Econometric Review.
  • “Understanding Transitions: Using Directed-Search,”
    (with Michael Peters and Kun Li), Under Review.
  • “Price Setting with Interdependent Values,”
    (with Art Shneyerov, and Melody Lo), Under Review
  • “Foreclosure Auctions,”
    (with Art Shneyerov and Andras Niedermayer), Under Review.
Recent Publications

Associate Professor in Economics, Dr. Steven Pai Xu was interviewed by Wen Wei Po about his views on applications of Auction.