Innovation and Information Management
BBA(IS) and BEng(CS) Deputy Programme Director
BBA(IS) and BEng(CS) Admissions Tutor

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Academic & Professional Qualification
  • PhD, Curtin University
  • MSc, University of Strathclyde
  • BA, City University of Hong Kong

C K received his PhD degree in Information Systems from the Curtin University. He obtained his MSc in Information Management degree and BA (Hons) in Business Studies degree from the University of Strathclyde and the City University of Hong Kong, respectively. He has gained extensive experience in IS-related teaching and research through assuming a lecturer role at a number of local universities.


BUSI1003/IIMT2601 – Management Information Systems

Research Interest
  • User adoption behavior in IS/IT
  • e-Payment system implementation
  • Adoption and implementation of smart-card technology
  • IS/IT education
Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Ngai, E W T, Lok, C K, Ng, E M W, Lo, C N, Wong, Y K. Collaborative Project Across Three Hong Kong Universities: A Case Study in E-Commerce Education. Journal of Information Systems Education. 2005; 16(1): 106-116.
  • Lok, C K. The Octopus in Hong Kong: The Success of a Smart Card-based E-payment System and Beyond. Communications of the IIMA. 2004; 4(4): 85-98.

Book Chapters

  • Lok, C K, Hollows, J, Mak, W M. Entry Strategies and the Emerging Structure of E-Commerce in Hong Kong. In Butler J., editor. Research in Entrepreneurship and Management. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing Inc.; 2001. p. 83-104.
  • Hollows, J, Lok, C K. Building Foundations for E-commerce in Hong Kong. In Gitta C., editor. Getting Connected: Information and Communications Technology for Development. NY: United Nations Development Programme; 2001. p. 29-42.

Refereed Conference Presentations and Proceedings

  • Lok, C K, The Role of Cultural Influences in Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Studies. International Conference on Business and Management (ICBM); 2014 June 17 – 19; Taipei (Taiwan).
  • Lok, C K, Adoption of Internet Banking in Hong Kong Using Stakeholder Analysis. The 2007 IRMA International Conference; 2007 May 19-23; Vancouver (Canada).
  • Lok, C K, Ngai, E W T. Active Learning of E-Commerce: A Case Analysis of Online Auction Game. The Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS); 2005 July 7-10; Bangkok (Thailand).
  • Lok, C K, Ngai, E W T. How do Business Students in Hong Kong Evaluate Authentic Learning Approach in Learning of E-Commerce? The Second International Workshop on E-Commerce Education; 2004 June 25-26; HKSAR (China).
  • Lok, C K, Hollows, J. The Innovation Strategies of Hong Kong Organizations: Lessons Learned from the Development of E-Commerce. The Third International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations; 2003 August 11-14; Penang (Malaysia).
  • Hollows, J, Lok, C K, Mak, W M. The Structure of E-Commerce in Hong Kong: From Bricks to Clicks. The International Conference on Management Education for the 21st Century Conference: Managing in the Digital Age; 2001 September 12-14; Hochiminh City (Vietnam).
  • Hollows, J, Lok, C K. The Emerging Structure of E-Business in Hong Kong. The Second Asia Academy of Management Conference; 2000 December 15-18; Singapore.
  • Hollows, J, Lok, C K, Mak, W M. Effect of Social Systems on the Development of E-Commerce: A Focus on Entry and the Emerging Structure of E-Commerce in Hong Kong. The Asia Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies Conference; 2000 December 14-16; Sydney (Australia).
  • Hollows, J., Lok, C K. Clicks and Mortar: Structure of E-Commerce in Hong Kong. The Fifth International Conference on Global Business & Economic Development Conference; 2000 June 21-24; Beijing (China).
Service to the University/Community
  • Program committee member, The IADIS e-Society Conference, 2005 – 14;
  • International committee member, International Conference on Information and Social Science (ISS) 2013;
  • Founding executive board officer, Hong Kong Association for Information Systems, 2006;
  • Project team member, Hong Kong Certification System for IT Professional Qualifications and IT Manpower Roster, 2005;
  • Session chair – IS Education, The Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), 2005;
  • Program committee member, The Second International Workshop on E-Commerce Education, 2004;
  • Program committee member, The E-Commerce Workshop on E-Commerce and Education, 2003;
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, 2003.