HKU	Business School’s Future	Leader Scholarship Programme recognises over 100 outstanding local students

HKU Business School’s Future Leader Scholarship Programme recognises over 100 outstanding local students

HKU Business School presents the second year of the Future Leader Scholarship Programme, which will be offered to 104 outstanding local undergraduates of the School every year. The Programme aims to provide support to students to acquire new knowledge, to enrich themselves and to strengthen their competitiveness for future career development. It also demonstrates the unwavering long-term commitment of HKU Business School in nurturing dynamic and responsible leaders.

Professor Hongbin Cai, Dean of HKU Business School, said, “We are very excited to receive overwhelming application response once again this year. When we launched this scholarship programme just a year ago, we were in the midst of adapting to new norms, navigating the challenges brought about by the global pandemic. As we commence the second year of this initiative, our society has returned to a semblance of normalcy, yet we continue to face unprecedented challenges brought by the rapid evolution of technology, shifting global dynamics, and increasing emphasis on sustainability. It is important for the new generation to stay agile and innovative. This is exactly the objective of setting up the Future Leader Scholarship Programme and thanks to the support from business leaders sharing the same vision, which made this Programme possible.”

HKU Business School conducted a survey among scholarship awardees from the inaugural year. The results showed that students utilised the scholarships to participate in various extracurricular learning activities. Among them, 36% joined study tours, 25% engaged in internships, 25% took part in short-term selfenhancement courses, and 14% participated in professional examinations. As for this year’s scholarship awardees, 23% plan to go on overseas exchange, 23% would like to enroll further business studies, 20% decide to take professional exams, 14% engage in voluntary projects, while build their own business and others each accounts for 10%. The results show that most students plan to utilise the scholarship to enhance themselves and cope with future challenges.

The Programme is supported by HKU Business School’s long-standing corporate partners and community leaders for the second consecutive year. By recognising the academic achievements of full-time Year 3 and 4 local undergraduates and granting a one-off scholarship of HK$20,000 to each recipient, the Programme aims to encourage the students to participate in various out-of-classroom learning activities.

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