HKU Business School ranks Asia’s No. 1 in UTD Research Rankings; ‘Finance Research’ ranks Top 5 in the World

HKU Business School is pleased to announce that it tops the rank of UTD Research Rankings in Asia. In ‘Finance Research’, HKU Business School is ranked No. 5 globally. The ranking is based on the number of academic articles published in 24 top business academic journals (UTD 24 journals) and the contribution of authors by each university in the year of 2021.

The School of Management of the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), United States, has been compiling business school rankings since 2005 by tracking academic articles published. The UTD24 journals are highly recognised among academic institutions worldwide, covering major areas of business research, such as management science, accounting, finance, marketing, information systems, strategic management, organisational science and international business. It is an international research benchmark of business schools around the globe.

Professor Hongbin Cai, Dean of HKU Business School, said, ‘Since its founding 20 years ago, HKU Business School has been committed to becoming a leading academic institution in business and economics. This ranking performance reflects the rapid progress we have made in strengthening our academic and research capabilities and in recruiting outstanding scholars from all around the world. As evident from the number of accepted and forthcoming papers in top journals, our growth momentum in research productivity is quite strong. We are very optimistic that the research capacity and faculty strengths of HKU Business School will achieve new heights in the years to come.’

HKU Business School is a leading, globally influential academic institution. It is deeply rooted in Hong Kong, fully engaged with China, and truly international. It is committed to providing world-class business and economics education that nurtures dynamic and responsible leaders, advancing the frontiers of knowledge through path-breaking research, and making real differences by partnering with communities.

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