CGMA Global Business Challenge 2023 – North Asia Final


The CGMA Global Business Challenge 2023 is an international business competition held by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) to nurture young business leaders.

The Challenge provided an excellent platform for students to showcase their potential while gaining practical experience in a real-world setting, as well as the opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with like-minded individuals, and demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a highly competitive global environment.

In the Hong Kong semi-finals, students were required to apply various business knowledge and skills to solve simulated business cases by developing a comprehensive expansion plan for a hotel into a new country with report writing and presentation. In the North Asia finals, students were tasked with guiding the hotel’s transition from offline to online with a two-page executive summary and a presentation.

These cases provided students with an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to real-world business situations.


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Team awards:

Champion – Hong Kong semi final

Champion – North Asia final

Individual awards:

Best Presenter – Lina Chzhan (team leader)

Future Business Leader – Lina Chzhan (team leader)


Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Winnie Leung



Ms. Chzhan Lina, BBA(IBGM), Year 1

Ms. Leung Victoria Sze Pui, BBA(IBGM), Year 1

Ms. Chin Hoi Lam Michelle, BBA(IBGM), Year 1

Ms. Yao Chuanjie, BBA(BA), Year 1


From 2nd left to 2nd right: Ms. Michelle Chin, Ms. Chuanjie Yao, Ms. Lina Chzhan and Ms. Victoria Leung


Students Sharing:

“Participating in the CGMA Global Business Challenge 2023 was a transformative experience for me, both in terms of personal growth and team building.

Collaborating with my teammates, leveraging each other’s strengths, and effectively delegating tasks were essential to our success in winning both the Hong Kong semi-finals and the North Asia finals. Through this, I gained a deeper understanding of the importance of teamwork, forging genuine connections with colleagues, and exhibiting effective leadership.

Our team’s frequent interactions with our mentor and feedback from the judges were instrumental in our rapid improvement over just two weeks. As freshmen with limited knowledge and experience, receiving guidance from experts helped us push ourselves to achieve our best. I learned the value of exceptional mentorship and guidance, especially at the early stages of one’s career.

Winning the Best Presenter award in the Hong Kong semi-finals and the Future Business Leader award in the North Asia finals were defining moments for me. Being recognized by esteemed judges among the brightest minds in North Asian universities was a tremendous honor. These awards helped me overcome my stage fright and lack of confidence, providing the motivation to study harder, work harder, and strive to be the best version of myself. It was a reminder that there are people who believe in me and my potential.”

(By CHZHAN Lina)


“Participating in the CGMA Global Business Challenge 2023 has been an eye-opening experience for me. It has provided me with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from different parts of the world and work collaboratively on complex business problems. Through this experience, I have learned to approach problems with a more open mind, to consider different perspectives, and to communicate effectively with a diverse group of people. The challenge has also helped me to develop my problem-solving skills as well as my ability to work under pressure and within tight deadlines. Overall, the Challenge has been a transformative experience that has helped me grow and build amazing friendships along the way.”

(By LEUNG Victoria Sze Pui)


“The CGMA Global Business Challenge 2023 was an eye-opening experience that gave me the opportunity to work with like-minded teammates to collaborate on challenging tasks that forced us to think outside the box and develop various skills such as presentation, time management, and critical thinking. The biggest challenge for me personally was the one-week time limit for the North Asia final to fully analyze and create a presentation deck for the case, as well as sufficiently prepare for any questions the judges would ask. Hence, being able to overcome these challenges and win this competition made this experience a highlight of my first year of university.”

(By CHIN Hoi Lam Michelle)


“Throughout the CGMA Global Business Challenge 2023, I have gained invaluable insights and forged lasting connections. Collaborating with my hardworking and talented teammates, I learned the power of effective teamwork and discovered our combined strengths could tackle complex business problems, which helped us stand out in the Hong Kong semi-final and North Asia final.

With high-level suggestions and feedback from our mentor and judges, our business analytical and strategic thinking skills were sharpened, while enhancing our ability to communicate arguments more persuasively and gaining opportunities to learn more business theories beyond textbooks.

This experience has also taught me valuable lessons about the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges.  Despite the obstacles I faced, such as not having a permanent residential place in Hong Kong, I had quickly made necessary changes, such as booking flight tickets from the city I live in (Shanghai) and hotels earlier to meet my teammates on time and conduct rehearsals.

The diverse perspectives of participants from various backgrounds in the Challenge provided enriching learning opportunities for me. This experience has bolstered my confidence and reinforced the importance of adaptability and resilience in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. I am grateful for this transformative journey with my teammates and will carry this lesson throughout my career.”

(By YAO Chuanjie Rosie)

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