Mr. David BISHOP
Accounting and Law
BBA(Law) & LLB Programme Director
Associate Professor of Teaching

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Hong Kong should join mainland China in embracing education reform, and reject a return to ‘normal’

Going back to how things used to be might be a relief but it still leaves unsolved many lingering problems in Hong Kong’s education system. With improved policy, a new perspective and integration of education technology, we could usher in an age where free, quality education is available to all.

Helping the Helpers

A series of projects was conducted by Mr David Bishop and his team to advance the rights of migrant workers and eliminate unlawful practices in the Hong Kong employment agency industry.

Why is Hong Kong rewarding employment agencies when the industry is complicit in human trafficking?

Opinion piece of Mr. David BISHOP, Principal Lecturer in Accounting and Law, expressed his views on Hong Kong Gov endorsed a subsidy scheme for employment agencies hit by Covid-19.

Finding Hope in Used Soap

Hotel guests typically are provided with small, wrapped complimentary bars of soap. Rarely do they use the whole bar. What happens to the remainder? That question spurred students from the Faculty of Business and Economics to engage with the community in an initiative that offers a solution and benefits both the environment and public health.

International Women’s Day: why the glass ceiling in Hong Kong still exists and how to smash it

Article in SCMP cites comments of Mr. David BISHOP, Principal Lecturer in Accounting and Law