HKU Business School Students shine in The Hong Kong Joint University Case Competition 2022

Congratulations! Two teams of our students won the Championship and 2nd Runner-up in The Hong Kong Joint University Case Competition (HKJUCC) 2022.


Organised by the HKU International Case Society (HICS), the HKJUCC is an external competition among 16 student teams from 4 top universities in Hong Kong, including The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and City University of Hong Kong. The competition aims at facilitating mutual learning, networking, and a constant exchange of ideas among like-minded individuals. Students who participated in the competition are expected to strengthen their case competition techniques.

Two rounds of the competition were conducted online on April 10, 2022 due to the pandemic. Participating teams were given 48-hour to prepare for the presentation at the Division Round in the morning. Eventually, four finalist teams (one best team from each division) were selected to compete for the Championship in the afternoon.

Meet our talented students


Team Name: Meraki Consulting

Miss Hiu Lam HO (Team Leader)

BBA(IBGM), Year 1


Mr. Ho Ming CHEUNG

BBA(IBGM), Year 1


Mr. Hok Ching FUNG, Harold

BFin(AMPB), Year 1


Miss Hiu Yee LEE

BBA(IBGM), Year 1





2nd Runner-up

Team Name: Lighthouse Consulting

Mr. Hyunwook KIM (Team Leader)

BBA(IS), Year 1


Mr. Muk Yan CHUNG

BSc(QFin), Year 1


Miss Mina MOK

BBA(IBGM), Year 1


Mr. Jeonghwan PARK

BBA(Acc&Fin), Year 1



Students Sharing:

I am honoured to represent HKU Business School to compete in the HKJUCC 2022. Not only had HKJUCC sharpened my analytical skills, but more importantly, it had also polished my ability to work as a team. Solving a case within 48 hours was a new and challenging experience for me. I would like to express my gratitude to my teammates who have contributed according to our diverse talents. Together, we complemented each other and created a synergy that empowered us to crack the case in time. In addition, I would like to thank Dr. Winnie Leung, Mr. Kenny Lam and HICS for their continuous support throughout the preparation process. HKJUCC was a valuable experience that I will never forget.

(by Hiu Lam HO)


I never thought about getting into the final round, let alone being the champion team. Thinking back, I really appreciate the training organized by HICS, which was well-structured and had transformed us from knowing nothing about case competition to acing it. My heartfelt thanks to our trainer Mr. Kenny Lam for his constructive feedback that allowed us to improve our slides making and presentation skills. I would also like to thank the judges in the preliminary round for their questions and comments, which guided us to think more deeply about our strategies and prepare us for the final presentation.

HKJUCC is the first case competition I have joined with a 48-hour time limit to work on the case. It was a challenging yet memorable experience. Although our team finalized the strategies pretty late, we were able to finish the presentation slides on time with the hard work of my teammates. I felt privileged to represent HKU in HKJUCC 2022! With my honed case cracking skills, I definitely look forward to joining more case competitions in the future!

(by Ho Ming CHEUNG)


HKJUCC is the fifth case our team has worked on together. As long-time teammates in HICS and the HKU-UMP Business Case Challenge 2021, we already had a rough consensus on each member’s role and responsibility before this competition, which definitely made our case cracking process more efficient. Still, this year’s case was a big challenge to all of us, considering the sheer volume of information provided and the technological nature of the case. We did work as hard as we could, and I could not be more grateful that our hard work paid off.

I gained a lot of insight into the tech industry’s operations and business model from the case. While the complicated and interconnected businesses of Xiaomi added an extra layer of difficulty to the case, it certainly enriched my knowledge in the tech and smartphone industry.

(by Hok Ching FUNG, Harold)


Competing in the HKJUCC was a challenging yet rewarding experience. From analysing the company’s complex business model to devising innovative and sensible solutions for it, this competition challenged us in various ways. We were able to develop more robust business knowledge as we approached the case from fresh perspectives. We have gained much valuable insight, not to mention the incisive feedback given by the panel of expert judges. Winning first place in this competition was more than just a recognition of our hard work, it was an encouragement for me to challenge myself further. Kudos to my teammates for all the amazing dedication and efforts, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without them. Last but not least, I would like to extend my gratitude to HICS, especially our trainer, Mr. Kenny Lam, for the continued support.

(by Hiu Yee LEE)


Our team has been working together since the beginning of the academic year 2021-22 and it has been a long journey thus far. The HKJUCC was a good finale to our experiences at HICS. We were initially very worried because, unlike the other case competitions we’ve done so far, we only got 48 hours to work on the JUCC case. We faced a bit of communication problem on the first day because one of our members was not in Hong Kong. However, we managed to pull through in the end and came up with a presentation that we were satisfied with. Throughout this competition, we were able to reinforce how important teamwork is, especially when we got more tired as we progressed through our work. One of our biggest takeaways was how to divide work more efficiently. Before HKJUCC, we all assigned our roles to play during case cracking. However, such system didn’t work due to the limited time we had during this competition. To mitigate this, each of us adopted rotational positions. While we still focused on our main/primary role, we sometimes shifted roles to help other members with their work. This was especially helpful in the first few hours of the competition where the situation analysis and general research played a big part in creating a segway into our strategy.

(by Hyunwook KIM, Muk Yan CHUNG, Mina MOK and Jeonghwan PARK)


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