Climathon@Hangzhou 2022

The “Climathon@Hangzhou 2022” is a regional case competition, hosted by the Melton Foundation. This year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the competition was organised virtually by Melton Foundation ZU (Zhejiang University) and co-organised by the ZU Student Association of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction (SAEC).

The competition aims to develop tangible and efficient solutions and to collaborate on forward-thinking ideas from students that tackle local environmental and climate change challenges.

During the 24-hour virtual innovation marathon, students learnt about environmental issues through keynote speeches given by scholars and experts and received guidance from the judges before the final presentation. The theme of Climathon@Hangzhou 2022 focused on energy conservation and emission reductions, as well as community involvement and economic growth.

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Miss Chan Yik Fong, BFin(AMPB), Year 1

Mr. Huang Rui Xiang, BEcon&Fin, Year 1

Miss Lai Yin Ching, BBA(Acc&Fin), Year 1

 (2 other team members were students from other Universities)

Students Sharing:

 “Participating in Climathon@Hangzhou 2022 was a fun and unique experience. At first, we found the case challenging due to its innovative nature, the unfamiliar context and the need of coming up with a pain point on our own. However, we managed to come up with an idea and solution that we were satisfied with. Throughout this competition, I was able to develop my intellectual knowledge in both E-commerce and Augmented Reality. I also seized this precious opportunity to learn from the professional judges and the other teams. It was extremely memorable when the professor specifically mentioned our team during the debriefing, encouraging us to continue developing our idea and even to connect with his team.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my teammates for their immense effort, especially during the first hour of brainstorming. I would not have gone this far without them.”

(by HUANG Rui Xiang)

“The Climathon@Hangzhou was a fruitful experience. As the person in charge of E-commerce, not only did I learn a lot about the operation and the business model of online shopping, but I also gained more knowledge of cryptocurrency. My research and presentation skills have also been polished in the case. It is definitely a precious chance of learning.  Furthermore, I would like to thank my teammates for their dedication and all the hard work. I would not have done it without them.”

(by CHAN Yik Fong)

“To me, participating in Climathon@Hangzhou 2022 was an enigmatic yet intriguing experience. It was also a challenging experience since I have never joined a case study competition before. We are required to thoroughly investigate a case and come up with new innovative ideas in a limited period of time.  Fortunately, our team managed to overcome all these trials and tribulations. Since I am responsible for the background and current situation of  E-commerce in Hangzhou, I am able to gain a deep insight into the carbon emission due to E-commerce, which is mainly contributed by logistics and packaging. As a witness of these evitable carbon emissions, we proposed two potential solutions, Augmented Reality and Location-Based Advertising. It was such a precious opportunity that I learnt to appreciate the beauty of E-commerce. Lastly, I would like to express my platitude of gratitude to all of my teammates. Without our concerted effort, we could never have done it.”

(By LAI Yin Ching)

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