InsureTech Virtual Lab

InsureTech Virtual Lab (research group) is to explore “how technology will impact the insurance operation model from the current straggling business model to a more integrated model”.


The main objectives are to (1) Study recent developments and applications of InsureTech in global and local markets; (2) Investigate the impact of adaptations of IT technology including InsureTech; (3) Conduct research and development of InsureTech, with provisions of funding and assistance of patient applications; and (4) Knowledge exchange to public and private sectors in regards of policy setting and evaluation; and


Research interests (selected)

  • Risk Information
  • Insurance Ecosystem and IoT / 5G
  • Risk Financing and Analytics
  • Risk Modelling and Insurability
  • Blockchain Applications in Insurance



  • Benjamin Yen (IIM, HKU)
  • Julian Yu (Chief Technical Officer, TPRB)
  • Xaowei Zhang (IIM, HKU)
  • Liao Wang (IIM, HKU)
  • Linda Li (PhD Student, IIM, HKU)
  • Anna Su (PhD Student, IIM, HKU)
  • Carmen Xiao (PhD Student, IIM, HKU)


Publications and Working Papers (selected)

  • Re-Think Insurance for a New Perspective of InsureTech  (J. Yu and B. Yen), working paper
  • Basic Risk Information Component (BRIC) and Insurance (J. Yu and B. Yen). In Proceedings of The 24th Cross Strait Conference of Information Management Development and Strategy (CSIM 2018), Hong Kong, August 24-26, 2018.
  • Ping An OneConnect: Artificial Intelligence and Banking digital Transformation in China (A. Shuen, B. Yen, and F. Zhu), working paper
  • Crux Chain – An Innovative Block Chain  (J. Yu and B. Yen), working paperInsurability – Supply Chain Perspective (X. Zhang, B. Yen, and J. Yu), working paper
  • Cryptocurrency Based Insurance Model (J. Yu and B. Yen).  In Proceedings of The 18th International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB), pp. 9-27. Guilin, China, December 2-6, 2018