Peng Zhang
Dr. Vincent Peng ZHANG
Assistant Professor

3917 1058

KK 821

Academic & Professional Qualification
  • Ph.D., University of Georgia
  • M.A., University of Georgia
  • B.A., Tianjin Normal University

Vincent Peng Zhang joined the University of Hong Kong in 2021 after receiving his Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Zhang’s research interests include digital advertising, omnichannel marketing, and new product development/innovation, where he applies various econometrical and machine learning techniques to empirically explore the link between managers’ strategic interventions and the focal firm’s business performance.

Prior to his doctoral study, Dr. Zhang had been working in the advertising industry in both the U.S. and China for almost 10 years in the function of data analytics.

  • Advertising Management (MKTG 3511)
  • Introduction to Marketing (MKTG 2501)
Research Interest
  • Digital Advertising,
  • Omni-channel Marketing,
  • Organizational Innovation Strategy
Selected Publications

Working Paper:

  • “Bricks, Clicks, and Taps: A Meta-Analysis of Distribution Channel Effectiveness” (with Seoyoung Kim and Anindita Chakravarty)
  • “Pre-release New Product Sales Forecast Using Online Knowledge Collaborative Activities” (with Sundar Bharadwaj and Guiyang Xiong)
  • “Exploring the Impact of Dynamic Managerial Learning on New Product Marketing Strategy Development and Performance” (with Anindita Chakravarty and Sundar Bharadwaj)
Awards and Honours
  • Winner of PDMA Dissertation Proposal Competition: 2019
  • ‘Best Paper in the Track’ AMA Winter Conference: 2019
  • Winner of Bearden Research Award (Southeast Marketing Symposium): 2019
Recent Publications
十年商旅生涯後的新開始 – 張鵬博士


十年商旅生涯後的新開始 – 張鵬博士