Gedeon J. LIM
Prof. Gedeon J. LIM
Assistant Professor

3910 2532

KK 914

Academic & Professional Qualification
  • Ph.D., Boston University
  • B.Soc.Sci. (Hons.), National University of Singapore

Dr. Gedeon LIM received his Ph.D. in Economics from Boston University in 2020 and holds a B.Soc.Sci in Economics from the National University of Singapore. Gedeon joined HKU as an Assistant Professor in 2020.

Gedeon’s main research interests are in development economics with a particular focus on Southeast Asia.  Recent projects study how higher remuneration affects political selection and economic development in Indonesian villages and the long-run effects of inter-group contact on the formation of identity politics.

  • ECON2262: Economic Development
  • ECON6001: Applied Econometrics
Research Interest
  • Development
  • Political Economy
  • Economic History
Recent Publications
Singapore’s new talent attraction initiatives could include special visas, relocation grants: observers

This would be if the government wishes to attract "young, fresh or 'unproven' talent", said Gedeon Lim, a Singaporean economist from the University of Hong Kong. But he added: "If they are looking mainly for established, top 1 percentile innovators, bankers, thought leaders in their respective fields, we already have a scheme in place, so it seems difficult to think of what else the government might be able to do, short of lowering the threshold and increasing the quota for these existing visa schemes."

研究貧窮問題 推動經濟發展-林家德博士


研究貧窮問題 推動經濟發展-林家德博士


Should Singapore further tighten border controls on new Covid wave?

THERE have been renewed calls for Singapore to completely shut its borders to high-risk countries, as the Republic battles a more infectious wave of Covid-19, but economists say the net costs and benefits may not be that clear-cut.