Faculty Teaching Award Scheme 2022-23

Delivering quality education to nurture future leaders is an integral part of the Faculty’s mission. Every year, the Faculty recognises teachers with outstanding achievements and significant contributions in teaching and student learning through the Faculty Teaching Award Scheme. The award-winners for the academic year 2022-23 are:

Faculty Outstanding Teacher Award (Undergraduate Teaching)

Dr. Alex CHAN
Dr. Alex CHAN
Associate Professor of Teaching

“Every student is a distinctive individual learner. They have their own strengths and needs in their learning journey. I do my best to recognize individual students and understand their individual learning progress and needs. A good understanding about individual students is the basic for a teacher to effectively provide appropriate personalized support and encouragement to individual students to enhance their learning interests and commitment. Building relationships with students based on good understanding, mutual respect and trust are the foundation for me to develop an effective teaching and learning environment to guide my students to experience their rewarding learning journeys.”


Prof. Yuno CHO
Professor Yuna CHO
Assistant Professor

“I am grateful to receive the Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award for Undergraduate Teaching this year. As someone who has benefited from the transformative power of education and experienced diverse classrooms across different institutions, I have a strong commitment to facilitating equally transformative learning experiences for my students. In teaching Principles of Management, I strive to integrate science-based insights that both build upon and challenge conventional wisdom. I enjoy translating academic research to resonate with a business-minded audience and have found that incorporating real-world business scenarios and cases encourages students to think critically and move beyond the seemingly “obvious” takeaways.”


Dr. David LEE
Mr. David LEE
Associate Professor of Teaching

“Teaching remains an immense privilege in my life. Though active learning and authentic student engagement are a core aspect of my teaching practice, recent events ranging from pandemic to economic volatility to armed conflict have reinforced to me the important project we are all engaged in at educational institutions. Through the informational, and more importantly, the transformational learning that occurs in our classrooms and on our campus, we are preparing our students to navigate and lead amidst the uncertainty that they will likely encounter. This profound responsibility requires us to foster connectedness and meaning in our learning spaces. This is the challenge and the hope of what we do as teachers.”


Dr. Christina NG
Dr. Christina NG
Principal Lecturer

“I am honoured to receive the Faculty Outstanding Teacher Award (Undergraduate Teaching) again for the academic year 2022/23.  This is the second time that I have received this accolade from HKU, and I am grateful for the Faculty’s continual recognition of my dedication to and enthusiasm for teachings.

It has been my privilege to teach and share my experience with my students who are from the top business programmes in Hong Kong.  Working in academia for almost 30 years, it has always been rewarding and motivating to witness my students to grow and succeed in the legal, business, accounting and other industries.  I will adhere to my teaching philosophy and continue with my quality teachings.”


Faculty Outstanding Teacher Award (Postgraduate Teaching)

Prof. Christine CHAN
Professor Christine CHAN

“Teaching has been an immensely rewarding experience. I believe that every student is a capable learner; my role is to spark their curiosity. I engage students in role-play activities and group projects that simulate complex business challenges. This learner-centered teaching approach empowers students to benefit from one another’s experiences and areas of expertise. I am honored to receive the Faculty Outstanding Teacher Award, which reflects the collective efforts of our dedicated students and supportive colleagues, and I am committed to working alongside them to continually improve students’ learning outcomes.”


Prof. Feng TIAN
Professor Feng TIAN
Assistant Professor

“Teaching excellence, to me, is a journey of dedication to students’ growth. By fostering a student-centered environment and embracing experiential learning, I aim to empower my students with skills and real-world cases. The invaluable feedback from my students not only fuels my commitment but also highlights the impact of a relaxed yet engaging teaching style. With a focus on patience and attentiveness, I strive to create a supportive atmosphere. This award reflects the collective efforts of students, mentors, and peers who have shaped my teaching philosophy. I am deeply honored to be recognized and am excited to continue on this journey.”

Prof. Xin WANG
Professor Xin WANG

“I am honored to have been awarded the Teaching Excellence Award. My approach to teaching excellence, particularly in Master of Accounting courses, centers around connecting theoretical concepts with practical scenarios. Given that many master’s students lack working experience, I have found that using examples from HKU operations proves particularly effective. For instance, I illustrate resource allocation issues by optimizing the use of classroom resources, and I address goal congruence issues by reconciling program-level goals with school-level goals. When discussing the design of transfer pricing mechanisms within the organization, I utilize a similar scenario of cross-program course enrollment schemes to explain how accounting students’ selection of elective courses offered by other programs impacts internal transfer pricing within our HKU Business School. By leveraging practical examples and scenarios, I aim to equip students with the skills and insights necessary for their future careers in accounting. I firmly believe that by mapping course content to real-world incentive issues, students can better understand the relevance and applicability of their learning.”


Prof. Zhengli WANG
Professor Zhengli WANG
Assistant Professor

“It has been a great honor to receive the award, and I want to express my gratitude to my students for their kind words in the teaching evaluation. I would also like to extend thanks to my colleagues for their shared teaching experiences, and to my teaching assistants and HKU staffs for their dedicated support in ensuring the smooth delivery of the courses. Teaching at HKU has helped me learnt to improve my teaching effectiveness, communication skills and student engagement ability. I hope to continue equipping students with the knowledge and tools they need, who will become future leaders of important institutions worldwide.”


Faculty Teaching Innovation Award

Dr. Chao DING
Dr. Chao DING
Principal Lecturer

“As a trained educator in the Information Systems discipline, I am a staunch advocate for technology-driven teaching approaches. By utilizing effective tools such as Microsoft Forms, Google Jamboard, and ChatGPT, we can encourage students from diverse backgrounds to engage in class activities, foster various types of interactions, and greatly address fairness concerns. Each course presents its own unique challenges, but embracing innovation and customizing our approach can play a crucial role in overcoming these obstacles and enhancing the overall learning experience.”


Faculty Special Contribution Teaching Award

Prof. Anna WONG
Professor Anna WONG
Professor of Practice in Finance

“It is my honor to receive this year’s Faculty Special Contribution Teaching Award.  As a finance industry practitioner becoming a Professor of Practice, my competence is the knowledge of the industry.  My students heard me say: “I don’t want to be just your teacher as you will forget everything I taught as soon as you walk out of the examination hall, but I like to be your coach and your mentor to help you navigate through your journey.”

Yes, we need to be “academic” as we are a university, but we equally need to prepare our students to be ready.  It is my goal to equip them to know what they want, to equip them to know what the industry wants and connect them to the industry.

I have witnessed three batches of AMPB graduates seeing their growth and their change over the years from a freshman to where they land on their first job.  This is the best reward and award for me.”

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