Embracing Obstacles with Resilience

Embracing Obstacles with Resilience

Awardee of the Belt and Road Scholarship, our BEcon & Fin student Gerelt Oyunbold came all the way from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to pursue his academic journey in Hong Kong.

Gerelt’s unique background and passion for economics and finance set him apart from his peers.

When Gerelt was a child, his mother would read him a poem on the way to school. The key lines from that poem has become his guiding philosophy: “Through bites endured, the pup’s wolfish might. Obstacles embraced, the boy claims King’s glory.” These lines instilled in Gerelt’s mind that every difficulty in life serves a purpose, “Whenever I hit an obstacle or face some tough difficulties, I don’t sweat mistakes. They’re like signposts pointing me to something brighter down the road.”

Gerelt thoroughly enjoys studying economics and finance. His interests began when he started an online business in 2020, which he eventually had to suspend due to financial constraints. Despite the setback, he saw it as the first step in his entrepreneurial journey and a valuable learning experience.

Gerelt’s dream is to establish his own fashion brand, merging art and technology into a unique concept, while incorporating technology – and potentially trading assets or NFTs – into his brand. While he recognises this dream might be unconventional, he is ready to make unexpected choices.

Gerelt’s approach to success is different from most. He defines it as the sense of peace he experienced during his gap year – a feeling of being relaxed and free from the constraints of deadlines and obligations. He emphasises, “Success would mean something like how I felt during my gap year – a feeling of being relaxed.” For him, success lies in the process, not just the results.

Video source: HKU Pay It Forward