Zhiwu Chen
Prof. Zhiwu CHEN
Chair Professor of Finance
Cheng Yu-Tung Professor in Finance
Director, Centre for Quantitative History
Director, Hong Kong Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences
HKU Council Member

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How expanding China-led economic bloc Brics adds to the yuan’s global clout

Brazil, Russia and China are “the most serious” about de-dollarisation, said Chen at the University of Hong Kong. “As long as enough people can believe in a certain payment system, then the system becomes more of a reality,” he said.

China’s Economy Isn’t Ailing—It’s ‘Evolving’: IPO Lawyers Told to Watch Their Language

“As long as stock issuers lay out the good and the bad, they will not be held accountable if these bad things—which hopefully will never happen—do happen,” said Zhiwu Chen, a finance professor at the University of Hong Kong who sat on the CSRC’s international advisory council from 2012 to 2019.

China syndrome: open and closed for business at the same time

“The regulators have introduced a lot of ambiguous steps that must be followed around winding down, and winding out, of foreign investments in China,” Professor Zhiwu Chen, chair of Finance at Hong Kong University, told FinanceAsia.

Asia’s Former Richest Man Struggles To Raise Cash Amid Mounting Debts

“His (Wang’s) challenges are only bigger now,” says Chen Zhiwu, chair professor of finance at the University of Hong Kong. “IPOs, bond issuance, bank loans … all these funding opportunities are now first and foremost reserved for SOEs [state-owned enterprises] and strategic industry players. It is definitely not easy for real estate developers and companies in not so strategically important sectors.”

Wall Street’s Biggest Banks Face a Harsh Reality Check in China

“Wall Street banks should have factored in geopolitical risks a long time ago,” said Chen Zhiwu, a professor of finance at the University of Hong Kong Business School. “Over the next five years, the best case scenario for them is that China reverses direction and goes back to real open-door policy and market reforms, revitalizing the business environment. This is an extremely unlikely scenario but not impossible.”



How China Keeps Putting Off Its ‘Lehman Moment’

China has encountered its share of financial distress during its decades-long transition to a modern industrial economy, but regulators have used their considerable powers to repeatedly prevent catastrophe.

Chinese Tech Feels the SVB Effect

Chinese companies that did business with SVB in the U.S. also have plenty of options as they join the rush to find a new bank. But SVB’s collapse may make firms think twice before relying on smaller, regional banks. “There is a shift going on,” says Zhiwu Chen, a finance professor at the University of Hong Kong. “Everyone I know has been moving money from small banks into big ones.” Chen says that some of the companies he advises are concerned about this transition, fearing that they may not get the sort of specialized or preferential service from large banks that they enjoyed with SVB.

China’s M&A Star Told His Employees to Be Bold—Then He Disappeared

"Confidence has been very much shattered," said Zhiwu Chen, a professor and chair of finance at the University of Hong Kong's business school. "The government's desire to have private equity and venture capital invest more is very much undermined," he added.