Students shine at the HKCGI Corporate Governance Paper Competition and Presentation Awards

Students shine at the HKCGI Corporate Governance Paper Competition and Presentation Awards

Two teams of students won four awards at the HKCGI Corporate Governance Paper Competition and Presentation Awards including 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up for Paper Writing Competition as well as Best Presentation Award and Audience’s Favourite Team Award for Paper Presentation Competition.

The Annual Corporate Governance Paper Competition and Presentation Awards organised by the Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute (HKCGI), launched in 2006, aims at promoting the importance of good governance among undergraduates of local universities and providing them with an opportunity to research, write and present their findings and opinions on the selected theme.The theme for 2021 was “Is it possible to tie governance with a sense of purpose given the myriad of stakeholders’ interests?’. Teams of undergraduate students in any disciplines in Hong Kong were required to submit papers with no more than 5,000 words on the theme.

Six finalist teams were selected and invited to make presentations to the panel judges at the HKCGI Corporate Governance Paper Competition and Presentation Awards 2021.

Paper Writing Competition: 2nd Runner up
Paper Presentation Competition: Best Presentation Award & Audience’s Favourite Team Award

(From left) Lau Pak Hei, BBA(Law)&LLB, Year 2 and Man Lok Yiu Alanis Morissette, BBA(Law)&LLB, Year 2 


Paper Writing Competition: 1st Runner up

Kwong Siu Lun, BBA(Law)&LLB, Year 3 (1st from left) and Wu Pui Lam, BBA(Law)&LLB, Year 3 (middle)

(This team comprises 2 other team members from other HKU faculties.)


Students Sharing:

The HKCGI Corporate Governance Paper Competition and Presentation Awards 2021 was a memorable experience for both of us. We based our paper on how the lingering impacts of covid-19 have made corporations reflect on their core reason for being and how they can implement a purpose-tied governance model. As both of us neither had prior knowledge of corporate governance nor business ethics, we had to conduct thorough research on these subjects. Furthermore, we would also like to thank the official speech coach Mr. Oliver Williams for coaching our team for the presentation competition. Having a corporate purpose allows corporations to better respond to stakeholders’ needs. Having a life purpose allows us, as future pillars of society, to inspire, empower and lead.

(by Lau Pak Hei, Man Lok Yiu Alanis Morissette)


Our team is very grateful to be given an opportunity in the competition to share our views regarding corporate governance in Hong Kong.

When we wrote the paper, our team conducted comprehensive research in the field of corporate governance. This was an area we were not that familiar with. We made endeavours to compare the codes and regulations in different countries, studied real-life cases and analysed the topic from different perspectives.

The competition was a tough yet rewarding experience. We understood the roles that different stakeholders are playing in promoting good corporate governance practices, and how the law may help maintain and encourage such practices.

Lastly, we would like to thank our teammates for their strong support throughout the competition!

(by Kwong Siu Lun and Wu Pui Lam)


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