Mr. Baniel CHEUNG
Adjunct Assistant Professor

3917 7763

KK 103

Academic & Professional Qualification
  • B.E. Sydney
  • M.A. Macquarie
Corporate Positions
  • Founder and Principal Strategist, Integral Consulting Asia Limited
  • Founder and Chairman, MSK Snooker Academy
  • Partner and Representative of Hong Kong Office, Ginza West Japan
  • Founder and Chairman, Skytree Investment Asia Limited
  • Founder and CBO, Nfternoon
  • Partner, Snapask Japan
  • Partner, DataX
Academic Positions
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, HKU Business School, the University of Hong Kong
  • Adjunct Associate Professor (Digital Communications and Branding), Faculty of Humanities, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Guest Professor, Okayama Prefectural University, Japan
Advisory and Consultancy Positions
  • Senior Consultant, Hong Kong Office, Business Development Center Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Advisor, Pasona Group Japan
  • Advisor, Beyond Ventures
  • Advisor, Mapxus Technology
  • Advisor, YAS Microinsurance
  • Mentor, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
  • Technical Advisory Committee, Hong Kong Brand Development Council
  • Hong Kong Brand List Steering Committee, Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
  • Founding Chairman, Digital Transformation Alliance
  • Academic Liaison Committee, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Council

Mr. Baniel Cheung is a serial entrepreneur and is the Founder and Principal Strategist of Integral Consulting Asia Limited. Being appreciated as one of the top strategists in business and digital transformation, he has been providing management consultancy, strategic planning, brand building, executive training and marketing research services to international and local customers. Baniel is also the Partner and Representative of Hong Kong Office of Ginza West, responsible for the expansion of the reputable retail brand of Ginza West Japan into Hong Kong market. Besides, he is the Founder and Chairman of Skytree Investment Asia Limited, investing in different startup firms within Asia Pacific region. Furthermore, Baniel is the Founder and Chairman of MSK Snooker Academy supporting their business in Hong Kong and China markets, as well as the Partner of Snapask Japan supporting their business development in Japan market.

Baniel currently carries the roles of Advisor for Pasona Group Japan and Senior Consultant for Business Development Center Tokyo (Hong Kong Office) of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. He also belongs to the Technical Advisory Committee of Hong Kong Brand Development Council, Hong Kong Brand List Steering Committee of Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, and Academic Liaison Committee of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Council of US.

In facilitating entrepreneurship development, Baniel is an Advisor of Beyond Ventures, which is a ITVF Co-investment Partner of HKSAR Government, as well as an Advisor of various reputable technology companies including Mapxus Technology and YAS Microinsurance. He is also a Mentor of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, providing guidance and support to their incubated companies. Besides, Baniel is the Founding Chairman of Digital Transformation Alliance, facilitating digital transformation development in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific Region.

At the University of Hong Kong, Baniel is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of HKU Business School teaching undergraduate and postgraduate programs, focusing in the areas of global business, digital transformation and new business creation. At the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Baniel is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Faculty of Humanities focusing on digital communications and branding. Besides, Mr. Cheung is a Guest Professor of Okayama Prefectural University in Japan supporting their student development and academic programs with university partners in Hong Kong.

With more than 30 years’ experience in business, Baniel has been holding different management positions in global and Hong Kong listed technology companies, including HongKong Telecom CSL, Wharf T&T, New World Telecom and New Digital System. He has successfully assisted these reputable companies to build brands and expand business coverage in Asia Pacific region including Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Baniel has been supporting various quasi-government and government organizations as their business partners and/or speakers. These include Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Brand Development Council, Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Junior Chamber International Hong Kong and Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong.

Some of the reputable brands that Baniel has been serving include China Light and Power, Bank of China Investment, Bank of China Hong Kong, Mass Mutual, JETCO, Jockey Club, Police Married Quarters (PMQ), New World Group, Nestle, Vitasoy, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Clarins, TSL Jewelry, Jebsen, Sanofi, Stratasys, Hong Kong Economic Times Business College, Ronald Lu and Partners, Publicis Groupe China, China Unicom, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Vietnam MobiFone, Bureau Veritas France, TUV Rheinland, Nobel Biocare Sweden, Kone Elevator Finland, Denon, Video Research Japan, Hokkaido Government, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HKU SPACE, Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong Legislative Council, Hong Kong Customs, Hong Kong Council of Social Service, YWCA, Heifer Hong Kong, etc.

Mr. Cheung has made frequent appearances in various media including Bloomberg, CNN, TVB, ATV, NowTV, CableTV, China News Agency, China Daily, Nikkei Japan, Hong Kong Economic Times, South China Morning Post, Oriental Daily, Ming Pao, Apple Daily, Metro Daily, Sing Tao, HK01 and iMoney. He is the author of the books “Property Market in Japan”, “晴天之國-岡山” and “Philosophy of Digital Marketing”, and is also a column writer in the Hong Kong Economic Times and Metropop. Besides, Baniel is a host of the RTHK TV program series of “Entrepreneurship” and the D100 radio program series of “Creative Entrepreneurs”.

Baniel holds a Master Degree in Marketing Management from the University of Macquarie, and an Honour Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Sydney. He has been the President of Sydney University Alumni Association in Hong Kong between 2010-2011.

Mr. Cheung has received the “2013-2014 Outstanding Teacher Award” from the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Hong Kong. He has also received the “Outstanding Teacher Award” from HKU SPACE in 2006.

  • Strategic marketing
  • Strategic management
  • Branding strategy
  • International advertising
  • Internet marketing
Research Interest
  • Cross-cultural management and strategy formulation
  • Localization of branding and advertising strategy
  • International marketing strategy
  • Online marketing and social media strategy
Presentations at Academic and/or Professional Conferences/Meetings

2017 – 2019

  • Presentation at Okayama Prefectural University, Japan
  • Presentation at Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
  • Presentation at Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Presentation at Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Brand Development Council
  • Presentation at Morgan Stanley
  • Presentation at China Light and Power
  • Presentation at Jebsen Group
Professional Activities and Public Services

Membership in professional and industry associations

  • Academic Liaison Committee, Chief Marketing Officer Association, US
  • Chairman, Digital Transformation Alliance, Hong Kong
  • Chairman, Popcorn Academy, Hong Kong

Advisory roles in government and the private sector

  • Advisor, Beyond Ventures
Awards and Honours
  • “2013-2014 Outstanding Teacher Award” from the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Hong Kong
Media Coverage and Knowledge Exchange

Articles for newspapers and media

2017 – 2019

  • Column Writer, Metropop, Jul and Sep 2019 Issues
  • Column Writer, Metro Daily, 21st Jun 2019
  • Host of Radio Program “Creative Entrepreneur” (1st Series 13 Episodes and 2nd Series 13 Episodes), D100 Radio Station, 2015 and 2018 
  • Column Writer, MingPao, 17th Jul 2017

Media interviews and provision of expert comments

2017 – 2019

  • Crisis Management Strategy, Hong Kong Economics Times, 7th Aug 2019
  • Digital Marketing Strategy, Hong Kong Economics Times, 13th Feb 2019
  • Success of Huawei, MingPao, 16th Dec 2018
  • New Stylish Cafe and its Business Model, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, 3rd Aug 2018
  • Japanese Cultural Management, Oriental Daily, 12th Sep 2017
  • New Concept Cafes, South China Morning Post, 14th August 2017
  • Entrepreneurship Story, Hong Kong Economics Times, 11th May 2017
  • Japan Property Market, MingPao, 21st Apr 2017
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