UG students win top 10 in World Asian Case Competition 2020

UG students win top 10 in World Asian Case Competition 2020

A team of two students from HKU Business School won the top 10 in World Asian Case Competition 2020. Themed on “Thriving business in the Asian region”, the competition requires participants to research on a self-picked business in the Asian region, featuring the business’s turning points, key success factors, future challenges and solutions, and takeaway lessons of the case. It provides participants with insights into a wide variety of companies in different industries in Asia, and enables them to sharpen their skills that will be useful for future case competition.

World Asian Case Competition (WACC) is an annual international case competition organised by the Academy of Asian Business. It was divided into three parts, namely (i) short proposal in around 400 words, (ii) final proposal in around 10,000 words, and (iii) final presentation for around 15 minutes.


Dr. Matthias BUEHLMAIER, BBA (IBGM) Programme Director, The University of Hong Kong

Team Member:

Mr. HO Wai Yiu Ryan, BBA(IBGM), Year 4
Mr. CHAN Chau Yin, BBA(Law)&LLB, Year 3
(This team comprises 1 more team member from other HKU faculty.)

Students sharing:

Through the studying of the fast-emerging markets and business in Asia, not only did we practise the skills that we learned, we also gained a more realistic and thorough understanding of different business opportunities in the vast Asian market. During the competition, we were able to sharpen our research skills and do an in-depth case study on Asian business model, which provided an opportunity for us to orientate ourselves in the business world. In a nutshell, the competition helped us to paint a broader and more colourful picture of the Asian market. We are grateful for having such valuable opportunity.

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