Polymer Capital Management Inter-varsity ESG Case Challenge 2022

HKU – WINNER of the Inter-Varsity ESG Case Challenge 2022 !!!

The final round of the Polymer Inter-Varsity Case Challenge was held on 28th October 2022 at the auditorium of Polymer’s office, it showcased a tight competition amongst the three Universities:

“RAC Capital” of the University of Hong Kong (“HKU”)
“PolyFarm” of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (“HKUST”)
“ESGeneration” of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CUHK”)

Each of the HKU, HKUST and CUHK teams picked their own topic on building of an ESG-themed portfolio and ways to engage stakeholders in the ESG journey. The three topics were “Smart Energy”, “Sustainable Agriculture” and “Electrification” respectively for the three university participating teams. Each team was given 10 minutes to present their ideas followed by a 5-minute Q&A. Given the very short time frame, each team has to make its presentation concise and punchy.

The HKU team (RAC Capital), supported by Faculty representatives Professor Anna Wong, Dr. Winnie Leung and Ms. Janet Li on-site, made a forceful presentation and addressed the questions of the panel judges precisely on risk management of the portfolio under the current volatile environment as well as demonstrating the usefulness of a live stream platform to engage stakeholders.

The HKU team, comprising Rachel Yip (AMPB), Carson Lui (IBGM) and Ande Chong (IBGM) was named WINNER of the Case Challenge.

Thanks to Polymer, the organiser of the event providing opportunities for our talent to go through the journey. Thanks also go to our mentors/advisors who have provided valuable advice to our HKU teams in the first round and the final round. It is only with the support of all of you that our teams (including the first-round teams) were able to gain the experience.

Congratulations to the winning students – Rachel, Carson and Ande. Your ESG journey will definitely continue through your internship with Polymer.

We look forward to the 2023 Polymer Inter-varsity Case Challenge.

Rachel, Ande and Carson presenting the RAC Capital Smart Energy at the Challenge


The winning team – Carson, Ande and Rachael – received the award from two of the panel judges


Professor Anna Wong, Adjunct Associate Professor Janet Li and Mr. Anthony Cheung, MD of Polymer with the HKU winning team


Everyone “thumbs-up”

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