Connecting to FBE Alumni Worldwide

The success of any school rests upon the success of its graduates, who through their professional and personal achievements will bring honour to their alma mater.

To further strengthen the links between the Faculty and its alumni,  the faculty level alumni association – HKU Business and Economics Alumni Association (HKUBEAA) is officially established with the support and encouragement from all FBE alumni. HKUBEAA is committed to connect every alumni worldwide, and develop a thriving community for alumni to network with, and support one another, in their ongoing professional and personal development.The first round of membership recruitment was successfully held on November 11 at FBE Graduation Ceremony 2019. Class of 2019 graduates gathered at our alumni booth and shared the happy moments with their friends and family members.

HKUBEAA membership is now open to all graduates who wish to join.  Don’t miss out the chance to join our global alumni network and get a HKU Business School Cardholder. Apply here.

Working together we aim to support both the future ambitions of our alumni community and the Faculty. Please stay tuned for upcoming events.


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2022 | 学院成就
港大学经管学院经济学助理教授马驰骋凭独著论文 「知识传播与智识变迁:当儒家文人遇上耶稣会士」(Knowledge Diffusion and Intellectual Change: When Chinese Literati Met European Jesuits),荣获本年度美国经济史协会 (Economic History Association)「Arthur H. Cole奖」,用以表彰刊登与经济史学顶级期刊《经济史杂志》 (The Journal of Economic History) 的年度最佳论文。