Difang HUANG
Dr. Difang HUANG
Research Assistant Professor

3910 3099

KK 725

Selected Publications
  • “Gender-specific Favoritism in Science,”
    (with Z. Bao), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2024, Vol 221, 94-109.
  • “How did small business respond to unexpected shocks? Evidence from a natural experiment in China,”
    (with Y. Zhou, M. Chen, Y. Wang and X. Yang), Journal of Corporate Finance, 2024, Vol 84, 102528
  • “Estimating Contagion Mechanism in Global Equity Market with Time-zone Effect,”
    (with B. Wu and M. Chen), Financial Management, 2023, Vol 52(3), 543-572.
  • “Cross-sectional Uncertainty and Expected Stock Returns,”
    (with D. Yu), Journal of Empirical Finance, 2023, Vol 72, 321-340.
  • “Stock Return Predictability and Cyclical Movements in Valuation Ratios,”
    (with D. Yu and L. Chen), Journal of Empirical Finance, 2023, Vol 72, 36-53.
  • “Reform Scientific Elections to Improve Gender Equality,”
    (with Z. Bao), Nature Human Behaviour, 2022, Vol 6(4), 478-479.
  • “Does the Federal Open Market Committee Cycle Affect Credit Risk?,”
    (with Y. Li, X. Wang, and Z. Zhong), Financial Management, 2022, Vol 51(1), 143-167.
  • “Shadow Banking in a Crisis: Evidence from FinTech during COVID-19,”
    (with Z. Bao), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2021, Vol 56(7), 2320-2355.