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Pivot to ASEAN and RCEP for trade hub growth?

After the Chinese mainland joined the World Trade Organization in 2001 for direct global trade, Hong Kong's traditional export-import role diminished. The SAR seeks value-added opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, ASEAN, and RCEP. It faces different challenges. Oswald Chan reports from Hong Kong.





For a Hong Kong in flux, a dual strategy for reinventing its economy

As Hong Kong begins the process of selecting its leader for the sixth time since returning to the motherland, it is also time for the city to find new growth models in response to a changing world.




過去兩年來,香港經歷了內外環境巨變。社會運動影響下,本港經濟持續低迷,加上中美貿易談判曲折、新冠肺炎疫情衝擊 、世界經濟下行,無疑令本地困局雪上加霜。失業人數不斷攀升,青年失業率更遠高於其他年齡組別。若要走出逆境,年輕一代需要多元發展,而粵港澳大灣區建設正好為他們開闢一條發展的新跑道。

An imminent transformation and upgrading of Hong Kong’s economy

The article 《香港經濟轉型升級迫在眉睫》 was originally published in Hong Kong Economic Journal column 「龍虎山下」

“What would you do in this situation?”

Though Asia has been the world’s fastest-growing region for decades, until recently there were limited case studies that referenced Asian business and economic topics, as most case studies were produced in Europe and North America. The Asia Case Research Centre (ACRC) was founded in 1997 to redress this imbalance and cater to unmet demand. ACRC has produced numerous Asia-based cases focusing on global sourcing, business ethics and many other topics aimed at academics, national and international institutions, and organisations of all sizes.