Wanyi Zheng
Ms. Wanyi ZHENG
Research Postgraduate Student

4-year PhD

Field of Study


Research Interests
  • Consumer Behavior
  • MSc, Sun Yat-sen University
  • BSc, Sun Yat-sen University
Recent Publications

在視頻行銷研究中,我們重點關注了速度線索這一視頻行銷常用的優化手段,即行銷管理者、廣告設計者通常會通過改變視頻廣告中代言人的動作速度來試圖影響消費者對產品的感知。我們發現,視頻廣告中應用慢動作技術反而會降低行銷手段的說服力,並且該效應的心理與認知機制是消費者所產生的意圖性感知(Perception of intentionality),即消費者認為代言人的慢速的代言行為不是自發而是 “故意的”。該研究同時採用了認知科學的眼動分析(Eye-tracking)方法印證了該結論。綜上,該研究發展和完善了消費者視覺處理與心理機制的理論,為研究消費者在新媒體環境下的行為機制提供新的視角。

The Faces of Success: Beauty and Ugliness Premiums in e-Commerce Platforms

Given the positive bias toward attractive people in society, online sellers are justifiably apprehensive about perceptions of their profile pictures. Although the existing literature emphasizes the “beauty premium” and the “ugliness penalty,” the current studies of seller profile pictures on customer-to-customer e-commerce platforms find a U-shaped relationship between facial attractiveness and product sales (i.e., both beauty and ugliness premiums and, thus, a “plainness penalty”). By analyzing two large data sets, the authors find that both attractive and unattractive people sell significantly more than plain-looking people. Two online experiments reveal that attractive sellers enjoy greater source credibility due to perceived sociability and competence, whereas unattractive sellers are considered more believable on the basis of their perceived competence. While a beauty premium is apparent for appearance-relevant products, an ugliness premium is more pronounced for expertise-relevant products and for female consumers evaluating male sellers. These findings highlight the influence of facial appearance as a key vehicle for impression formation in online platforms and its complex effects in e-commerce and marketing.

For Social Sellers, Attractiveness Is Part of the Product

The research study “The Faces of Success: Beauty and Ugliness Premiums in Online Platforms,” Journal of Marketing co-authored by Ling Peng, Associate Professor, Geng Cui, Professor of Marketing and Yuho Chung, Visiting Assistant Professor from Department of Marketing and International Business, Lingnan University as well as Wanyi Zheng, doctoral student from Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong is covered by American Marketing Association