HKU MBA Programme Ranked No.1 in Asia by The Economist for the 7th Consecutive Year

Immediate Release

(October 13, 2016 – Hong Kong) In the latest World MBA Rankings released by The Economist1 today, HKU’s MBA Programme has been ranked No.1 in Asia for the seventh consecutive year since 2010.

Professor Eric C. Chang, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics of The University of Hong Kong, said: “The seventh consecutive championship in Asia for HKU MBA undoubtedly proves that our Programme is tailor-made to offer the best business education to successful leaders who aspire to achieve professional advancement, career switch and individual enrichment. When the global economic growth is uncertain, HKU MBA students and alumni are good at operating in a region as diverse as it is vast, a region of many peoples and cultures, where emerging economies in Asia contend with the new global growth trends and modern technologies to shape market institutions. We expect from our students a strong commitment to personal and professional development, high ethical standards, innovation and exploration as well as to serving the community and the public.”

Professor Bennett Yim, Associate Dean (Postgraduate) of the Faculty of Business and Economics, said, “HKU MBA graduates are well-trained to face favourable situations with positivity but even more so for adversities. In order to enhance our offering and to provide a sharper focus to fit the career goals, aspirations and directions of different students, HKU MBA has strengthened the career development services. First, the series focus on coaching and mentoring students to bring the best out of them alongside providing them with resources which are necessary for effective career planning, industry and functional knowledge, interview and negotiation skills, as well as one-to-one connections with senior business leaders. Secondly, we concentrate on building solid corporate connections with outreach activities to bring in the best MBA recruiters and to ensure our students get the right exposure in terms of industry connections in not only Hong Kong but across the region.”

Dr. Christine Chan, Assistant Dean (MBA), added, “Our effort to foster strategic cooperation with the business community will continue so that latest market intelligence is brought in to strengthen the position of HKU MBA as well as to make the Programme more competitive.  We believe ethical and socially responsible leaders are one of the keys to global sustainability and business success. We are therefore investing in such opportunities for our students. Social engagement of students with the community has been enhanced as part of our MBA education, which provides them with a platform to perform community service and get involved in CSR projects.”

Mr. Sachin Tipnis, Executive Director of HKU MBA Programme, continued, “We do our utmost to nurture and equip our students with cutting-edge knowledge of the ever changing business dynamics. A number of new elective courses have been introduced to respond to market changes, including Climate Change, Production and Trade Emerging Challenges for Business; Trade Policy; Asian Financial Markets and Institutions; and Business Model Development & Strategic Innovation. Besides, we have added a capstone project to the curriculum so that students are able to combine all-round knowledge they have gained in the Programme and get a big picture of the business landscape by doing a detailed analysis of a particular organisation or sector. We believe all the diversified value-added components of the Programme will further our students’ advancement beyond intellectual growth and secure them with brighter prospects.”

With strong demands from the globe, the HKU MBA Programme continues to grow in scale, providing week-day and week-end modules, market-oriented and/or China- and Asia-focused electives. Our students come from different parts of the world which makes HKU MBA multinational and international.

The Economist MBA Ranking is based on independent surveys on the following factors considered to be essential to their education by MBA students around the globe:

  • Open new career opportunities and/or further current career
  • Personal development and educational experience
  • Salary increment
  • Potential to network

1 The Economist Global MBA Ranking:






(香港 – 2016年10月13日)香港大學MBA課程於今天公布的經濟學人雜誌世界MBA排名榜1中,自2010年起連續七年蟬聯亞洲第一。




港大MBA課程行政總監Sachin Tipnis先生補充:「我們傾力為學生提供最新的商業知識,以應對瞬息萬變的商業市場。因此,港大MBA開辦一系列全新的選修課程,當中包括氣候變化,生產和貿易對商業的新興挑戰(Climate Change, Production and Trade Emerging Challenges for Business);貿易政策(Trade Policy);亞洲金融市場和機構(Asian Financial Markets and Institutions);商業模式的發展及戰略創新(Business Model Development & Strategic Innovation)。此外,課程亦添加了總結科目(capstone project),學生能夠綜合從課程獲得全方位知識,通過對特定企業或行業進行詳細分析,從而對業界前景全面了解。我們相信課程的多元增值項目將進一步提升學生的學術水平及商業素養,讓他們有更強大的發展。」



  • 開拓新的就業機會與 / 或拓展目前事業的晉升機會
  • 個人發展與教育經驗
  • 薪酬的增長
  • 人際網絡的發展



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