HKU launches Master of Science in Business Analytics

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(February 2, 2017, Hong Kong) With the rapid development of information technologies, the amount of data generated in recent years has been tremendously increased, and this phenomenon is known as “Big Data”.  Companies gain insights and develop management strategies by gathering, cleaning, analysing and applying the vast amounts of data generated from various channels such as business transactions, healthcare, mobile applications, sensor networks, video-capturing systems, and social media.  The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) announces that a new postgraduate programme, Master of Science in Business Analytics [MSc(BA)], will be launched in the academic year 2017-18.

Features of the Curriculum
Combining theoretical learning with hands-on practical training, professional knowledge that students gain from the curriculum are highly relevant and widely applicable to the real world.  The well-structured curriculum offers a range of rigorous courses in business analytics, including statistics, decision models, operation analytics, business intelligence and analytics, and applications in forecasting, simulation, data mining, social media, service process, supply chains, marketing and finance, etc.

The programme collaborates with organisations, such as Cyberport, to provide students with the opportunity to complete the capstone core course by applying their knowledge to real world situations.  In addition, students will be able to enhance their soft skills and broaden their professional network through various enrichment activities organised by the Faculty.

Prof. Haipeng SHEN, MSc(BA) Programme Director, said: “In recent years, the industry is in need of graduates who are strong in big data and business analysis.  The Faculty is well aware of the demand and is dedicated to train professionals with the skill set of data and knowledge management, statistics, economic analysis, and business operations.  According to a survey published in the McKinsey Quarterly in 2014, the global market will be short of 140,000 to 190,000 seasoned professionals in business analysis and 1.5 million managers who can apply big data analytics to make effective decisions.  Companies nowadays have adopted big data for development situation analysis so as to improve management practices and efficiency.  All big data related positions in the global job market require candidates to be well-versed in business analysis, including those in retail industry, FMCG, finance, marketing, supply chain, business consulting, e-commerce, etc.  We trust that the career prospect of our graduates is bright.”

Dr. Hsiao-Hui LEE, Associate Professor in Innovation and Information Management, added: “In the era of big data, it is essential to develop business analytic capabilities to address business issues and challenges.  Our curriculum will not only cover theoretical knowledge by teachers with rich experience in data applications and scientific research, but also provide opportunities for students to accumulate practical experience and to establish a professional network useful for their future career advancement.  We expect to admit 60 students in the inauguration batch.  The response we have been receiving is extremely encouraging.  We look forward to meeting the first batch of our students in August 2017.”

Admissions Schedule
Round 1: January 31, 2017 (Tue)
Round 2: February 28, 2017 (Tue)
Round 3: 12:00nn (HKT), March 31, 2017 (Fri)




(2017年2月2日 – 香港)隨著資訊科技高速發展,近年來產生的數據量大大增加,而這種現象被統稱為「大數據」。企業通過收集、清理、分析和應用從商業交易、醫療保健、移動應用、傳感器網絡、視頻捕獲系統以及社交媒體等各種管道所產生的大量數據,從中獲得許多令其增值的重要資訊並制定管理戰略。接受過大數據商業分析培訓的畢業生正是現時商界所渴求的人才。香港大學經濟及工商管理學院早洞悉市場需求,宣布將於2017-18學年推出理學碩士(商業分析)課程。

課程揉合理論知識及實務培訓,學生從課程中獲得的專業知識能廣泛應用於現實社會。課程包括統計學(statistics),決策模型(decision models),運籌分析(operation analytics),商業智慧與分析(business intelligence and analytics),以及預測(forecasting),模擬(simulation),資料探勘(data mining),社交媒體(social media),服務流程(service process),供應鏈(supply chains),市場學(marketing)和金融學(finance)的應用等一系列商業分析課程。

課程與大型企業合作(例如:數碼港),讓學生有機會在真實環境中完成總結科目(capstone course)。除此之外,學院積極為學生提供與業界交流的機會,協助學生於行內建立人際網絡並積累實戰經驗。

理學碩士(商務分析)課程總監沈海鵬教授表示:「現今業界對具有商業管理及數據分析能力的專才需求甚大。商學院針對市場需求,致力培訓集數據及知識管理、統計、經濟分析、商業營運等專業知識於一身的人才。根據《麥肯錫季刊》(McKinsey Quarterly)2014年發佈的調查,全球市場將缺乏14萬到19萬位具有深厚商業分析技能的專業人士,以及150萬位可以應用大數據分析來做出決策的經理。加上近年企業為改善經營手法及提高效率,紛紛採用大數據作發展形勢分析,全球與大數據相關的職位都需要懂得透過系統性分析數據的專才,例如:各種零售業、快速消費品、金融業、市場營銷、供應鏈、商業諮詢、電子商務等,就業前景相當廣闊。」

與沈教授合作管理課程的商學院副教授(創新及資訊管理學)李曉惠博士補充:「在大數據時代,如何培養商業分析能力,以解決不同行業的挑戰備受各方重視。課程不但會由擁有豐富的大數據應用及科研經驗的老師教授理論知識,還會加強與業界進行不同形式的交流,旨在為學生提供機會累積實戰經驗,把理論知識於現實社會中實踐,並於行內建立人際網絡,為投身「大數據」行業做好充分準備。首屆理學碩士課程計畫收生約60人, 課程招生以來已收到不少申請,反應相當熱烈。我們期待在2017年8月與首批學生見面。」

第三輪:2017年3月31日(星期五)中午12:00 (HKT)

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