Rules & Guidelines

Participants attending the event must comply with the following rules stipulated by the HKU Business School:

  1. To ensure public safety at the venue, participants shall not bring any dangerous items into the venue. Balloons and large luggage are not allowed to bring to Grand Hall. Security staff at the venue have the authority to inspect the personal belongings of participants seeking entry to the venue.
  2. Security staff at the venue may intercept or interdict persons who constitute a threat to event safety and good order for any reason, including those apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those in possession of dangerous items or substances. Such persons may be denied from entry or be invited to leave the venue.
  3. The Congregation is a formal ceremony. Participants should conduct themselves in a dignified and respectful manner. Please be considerate to all those taking part and refrain from engaging in any activity that will disrupt the event. Such persons interfering the smooth running of the event in any form may be invited to leave the venue.
  4. Participants entering or present at the venue shall not deliberately cause obstruction at points of entry or exit, stairways, aisles, zone access points, emergency exits or access routes for emergency services within the venue.
  5. The rules and guidelines set out herein are subject to change from time to time and can be found on the HKU Business School's website.